Keep Your Guests Happy With A Cheese Plate

You have a house full of guests and a few things to do in the kitchen before dinner is served. What is the best way to keep the guests occupied and out of the kitchen? Why a cheese plate, of course. Well, this is our opinion. It’s been tested and it works. The easiest way to create a selection is just ask your local cheesemonger. We’ve guided countless harried hosts and hostesses before on occasions such as these. We’ll ask a few questions first, such as how many people you’ll be serving. It’s just a guide: sometimes, if your guests are especially hungry or just find the cheese to be delicious, you’ll squeak by with just enough. It’s advisable to order a little more so that you have leftovers. You’ll be happy that you did, who will want to cook the next evening? We’ll also ask if the crowd is a little more or a little less adventurous. You wouldn’t want to be serving up Meadow Creek Dairy’s Grayson to a plain pasta crowd. Or maybe you do. If your crowd is a little less adventurous, go ahead and throw in a curve ball, you might expand their cheese horizons. We also might recommend adding crackers into the mix. I prefer to eat cheese on it’s own, but like to have crackers or baguettes on the side to either cleanse my palate or just to snack. A jam or a chutney might be nice too, to add a little more complexity to the plate. But really our secret is this: listening to your idea of what the cheese plate should be and then choosing three to five cheeses of varying flavors, textures, and milks that fit in those parameters. Or leave it completely up to us. We’ll make you and your guests happy!