A Statement from the 7th Street Public Market

We are alarmed and disturbed by the complaints of harassment that have been made by the owner of Gateau Baking Company against the owner of Local Loaf. Our Executive Director has met with both of these owners repeatedly over the last 18 months to help them resolve their differences.

The Board and staff of the 7th Street Public Market (7SPM) take any threat of verbal or physical assault seriously. We are committed to a market that is a safe and welcoming place for all; for guests, business owners and employees. We are sorry that this conflict between our tenants came to this point.

The 7SPM Board held a called meeting Sunday evening, 4/1, including the Executive Director and two business owners of the Market, and created the following action plan:

  1. A review of protocols for a disagreement and claims of harassment between our valued tenants and how those protocols were executed.
  2. As a part of our due diligence on this very important matter, we are immediately interviewing the owners of Gateau Baking Company and Local Loaf, who are jointly claiming harassment against each other, on Monday 4/2 and Tuesday 4/3.
  3. The Chairman of the 7SPM Board of Directors will join the monthly 7SPM Tenant Association meeting on Tuesday, 4/3 to hear the perspective of the other 7SPM tenants and get their input.
  4. The Board and representatives of the business owners agreed that an ad hoc committee made up of business owners and the 7SPM Executive Director will create a “Code of Conduct” that will be adopted by all market business owners. The Board will review and consider the Code of Conduct for endorsement.
  5. We are offering planned training around conflict resolution and workplace harassment for all Market business owners and 7SPM staff the week of 4/9.

The 7th Street Public Market was created in 2011 as a 501(c)3 non-profit to celebrate the food culture of the Carolinas and promote local and regional farmers, food artisans and entrepreneurs. The Market is an incubator and landlord, supporting 14 independent, small and diverse businesses, including 11 women owners.

The 7th Street Public Market is a unique community gathering place that believes in:

  • Showcasing the unique food culture of the Carolinas
  • Providing an authentic & unique experience for all
  • Providing a welcoming space for educating and convening our diverse community
  • Incubating emerging small business entrepreneurs and food artisans

The businesses in the Market are owned by independent individuals/partners who hold a license from the 7th Street Public Market. Businesses manage themselves and their own employees. They have an active Tenants’ Association to manage the collaboration and common interests of Market tenants and its culture.