Greenman Farms: Locally Owned, Locally Grown

Jerry Greene has operated Greeneman Farms for the last 12 years, but his family’s roots in agriculture go deeper. Though Jerry comes from a family history in raising grain and horses, he has grown into a role that has him promoting direct-to-consumer North Carolina foods – think honey, salsa, jams, and pickled veggies of all kinds.

As a member of the North Carolina Department of Agriculture’s Goodness Grows in North Carolina program, Jerry is committed to putting forth the best of what our state’s food trends and traditions. According to NCDA, “the Goodness Grows in North Carolina program … is designed to promote top-quality fresh produce, processed food items, fiber and nursery products that are grown or manufactured in North Carolina.” That means at Jerry’s shop at the Market, you will find everything from eggs to chow-chow to veggies that come from this state. He finds products through relationships with growers and producers formed from years of selling at farmers’ markets and directly through the Goodness Grows product list.

As great as all the products are at Greeneman, though, from their taste to their local origin, the hands-down best part of stopping by the place is interacting with Jerry himself. A true NC native, Jerry’s been around, and he has possibly the friendliest disposition you’ll ever encounter. That makes him and his business a perfect addition to the 7th Street Public Market, which is about not just food but also about making connections.

So stop in, grab some pickled okra and dilly green beans (Bloody Marys, anyone?), talk with Jerry, and become a part of our community.