We believe that good food is fundamental to a good life.

Experience again the flavors of that little trattoria you can’t forget from your last trip to Italy. Be transported back to the moment when you asked, what makes this taste so good?

Zia Pia imports specializes in bringing you artisanal Italian foods of the highest quality. Our niche is in bringing in unique foods that are non-industrial and not widely distributed in the United States. We have hand-selected our products from Italy’s top producers who respect and care about the quality of their ingredients, raw materials, the land they come from, and distributors who embody our values of simplicity, tradition and care.

Italian cuisine is not complicated; it is based on these values and an intuitive awareness of how the right amount of the right ingredients can produce healthful, nourishing and sublimely delicious meals.

The more pure the ingredients, the healthier our food is for us and the better it tastes. When you purchase one of our products you are supporting the values, traditions, and flavors of Artisanal Italy.

Our values are:

Simplicity: the pleasure in the intense flavors of pure, naturally grown and harvested raw ingredients.
Tradition: preserving gentle, non-harmful production methods and culinary standards.
Care: for the land our food comes from and for each other.